Sunday, June 9, 2013

Crochet: Wedding Dress

I did it!  Finished the dress two weeks before the wedding AND my husband didn't ruin it.  (I would tell the story of when he ripped my lace bathing suit cover up that I crocheted for vacation a couple years back...but the tale is too painful to recount).

I may develop the pattern for the dress in the future, but for now I have so many projects that have been neglected and are just begging to be finished.  So here is a quick rundown of how the wedding dress came together: 

1. Top-Crocheted a rectangle with arm holes in small lace pattern.  Folded at arm holes and seamed shoulders.  Sewed buttons up back for fasteners.  Joined at bottom and continued to waistband. Added small glass beads to edging at arm holes.  I decided to go with a modest neckline.  On a day to day basis I'm usually all about cleavage but I thought on my wedding day it was more appropriate to contain those suckas.  Besides it's pretty obvious that they're there even without showing lots of skin. And my first thought of "bridal" definitely isn't "skin".

2.  Waistband-Single crochets in one continous circle for a couple of inches.  I made this part pretty small and form fitting since I have a much smaller waist than my bust and hips.  Didn't want skin but I definitely still wanted to display the good ol' hourglass.

3.  Skirt- I did an open shell pattern continously around and added beading to the last round.

Finding a slip to go underneath was probably the most difficult thing about this dress.  Apparently women do not do ladylike things such as wearing slips these days.  Slips are SCARCE. But I found one after lengthy searches and it all came together.

Since I'm never getting married again *crossed fingers* maybe I'll unravel this and make a sweater.  Just kidding, or my brain is designing a sweater.